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NCR Self Serv™ 87


Designed to offer your customers the best experience possible, the SelfServ 87 has a modern look and feel with multi-touch capability. An innovative interface layout coupled with Enhanced Note Present delivers the most user friendly experience. The SelfServ 87 can handle the highest volumes of both cash dispense and deposit based transactions thanks to NCR’s Bunch Recycling Module.

Proactively fixes itself
Keep your ATMs up and running, offering your customers the transactions they want, when and where they need them. NCR’s express recovery and self-healing technologies reduce downtime from hours to minutes—making your ATMs available around the clock.

Keeps you informed
Successful network management is about having the right information at your fingertips. Our integrated telemetry monitoring system delivers enhanced diagnostics, module health analysis and ATM service recommendations. When its combined with NCR APTRA™ Vision Management they give you greater device level information, so you can see, understand and control your entire network—and make more empowered decisions.

Inspire trust in your ATM network
The SelfServ 87 is designed to defend against known and unknown fraud attacks, even before they start. Ask us about our multi-layered approach to ATM security including logical and physical solutions. For example, the secure and fully auditable service access and camera based pocket monitoring system deliver market leading dispute resolution capabilities and fraud prevention.
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