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NCR SelfServ™ 34

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with a broad range of ATM services

The NCR SelfServ 34 is an exterior through-the-wall or vestibule ATM designed for high transaction usage. The perfect ATM to deliver your complete self-service transaction set, it gives you the widest range of upgrade options as well as being designed to cope with severe weather conditions, helping you maximize your brand presence by increasing placement options.

Redefined availability
Real availability is about delivering the transactions that consumers want, where and when they need them. With new “self-healing” technology, easy-to-use service lead-through application, and front, rear and side service access, NCR SelfServ redefines availability.

Informed manageability
NCR SelfServ provides best-in-class data for network management. Clear visibility to configurations, software versions and the activity levels of each module, results in more accurate, timely management decisions and operational excellence.

Committed responsibility
Low-energy LED lighting, 25% less cabling and reduced requirements for on-site service visits are just some of the ways we’ve lowered the carbon footprint of each ATM. NCR SelfServ will be a valuable asset in achieving the environmental goals for your business.
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